Wednesday, November 24, 2004


Environmentally Streaking - Naked;
Never! Speaking... THE TRUTH in tongues ...about Poli-tricks
...and regurgitated Religion
in Bars, where the
"bars and starz" 'Security' Tsars drink BLACKWATER and be-Head 'em off at the Past -
For GAWD & GOLDEN CALF with a Wholly Relic repertoire of:
10 Commandments on 2 Sacred Sands of Time-Release Tablets in an ARC.
O Moses... Get Thy Shit Together!

As Immigrant Drivers license Bladder & Border Control with
911 for Saddam's WMD, and sell
Black Persian Ivory in the Pink Sunni Triangle,
For Burial 'RIGHTS' in the festering Swamp of a Freshkill, NY Landfill
From Twin Towers in the good old U-S of A.
Half-Nation UNDER GOD with Liberty to...
Fears of Queers Dominating the Rite Christian Parasites' Faith-Based
and pinioned on what?
Republican AIDS and Lollypops?
Virgin Mary's Great Cheesy Toast Face would sandwich
the Golden Rule of 28,000... (Corporative Values)
Which could solve a bit of malnutrition @ the 10% level...
Passion of the Fruit Baskets-Bawl & Brawling, scrawling
Evangelical Gobbledygook: 'In God We Trust'
As Jesus Saves, Mohammed Daraghmeh Invests... the FUTURE...
On MONEY's Millions: the square root of ALL Evil Axis: Bold as Love.
Crusading Onward X-tian Soldiers PHishing the
Defense of 'Traditional' Marriage -@ any cost- from the
Shades of Grey Waters, that mean absolutely nothing
To the Black & White Reality TV show-ing and leading me onto Fantasy Island.

*Take a Tax Deduction for those 'Little Blue Thrill Pills',
That, if discovered to be from O'Canada!,
Incriminate you to be the cellmate of Wife and Unborn Baby-killers.
Of the 'PATRI-di-OT-ic' ACT-ing |[I or II]| Right-eously in the
Holy-Land of the Free; HOMO the Brave, Alexander-O'Great;
On that Eve of Destruction in the midst of:
The Great Moral Value Crisis Hanging in 'The Balance':
And cover naked JUST-US with a cloth of finest silk.

...Of the 51(+) into (-)49%... (or vice-versa if so inclined)
on 0-2 of 11 Tuesday the year of Our Lord 2004.
As Opposed To 11 of 0-9 Tuesday the year of Our Lord 2001.
Which really equals =|ZERO|=...
(as far as Democratic Vision goes)

When ALL, who think THEIR WILL BE Dunne, Irene, Goodnight-
With little chance of Sexual Side Effects: bin Laden's in a
Secret Inner Sanctum, with separate sets of Doctrines,
Drunk on Anthrax and Serin, chased with U-235;

Simply Because He Blew a Piston/Pacer with aluminum tubes
On his way through Detroit to The Promised Land.
In search of the Wholly Plastic Beer Cup...
Grailing -"INFIDEL!", As Abu Musab with a 'dirty bomb' Proclaims...
"al-Qaida's Divine Manifesto";
And the ROYAL Family insur/gently weep with Jihad @ these
'Satanic Verses' and... Burning Bush's Mandate... release
Such blaspheming-heretics in their 'HolyLand' of 'Spider'-Hole-y lands.

...And whilst residing here in "Both Americas"...
...Choose one.

...The other will be forfeit...

-a 'poem' by Rainbow Demon-
(reprinted with permission)

***Note: This hypertext poem was originally written about two weeks after the 2004 US election, so a few links may be dead)

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