Saturday, May 31, 2008


Last night I went berserk and shaved my head again this year for the summer. What a clean fresh feeling, but sometimes at night it gets cold... (LOL) so I wear a nightcap after drinking one.

This was a tradition that started back in '95 with the passing of Jerry Garcia. He was always like a member of the family to me, and after the countless Grateful Dead Concerts I'd seen over the years - it was like the passing of an era... I am glad that THE DEAD have finally picked up the banner again, but I'll never forget the Jerry Era...

When I'd heard of Jerry's Death, I was deeply saddened and - I'd gone to the bar and had a countless number of shots of Old Grand Dad in his honor. When I got home after that (about 3am, a bit sloppy) I decided to shave my long hair... with a straight razor! Never do that! My dark red curly hair was almost waist length at that time (August 1995).

The next day, the bathroom was full of blood and hair - and I couldn't remember much - until I touched my head... LOL. My poor Grandmother didn't know what the hell happened - and she was worried. Man did she laugh at me after I showed her my naked skull... She called me "Baldy Sours". I always wear a bandana, and the first time I put it on afterwards it felt pretty strange.

Now "the shaving" has kind of become a tradition, except that I've moved it to the end of spring... Go Ahead - Have a laugh.

I still miss my Jerry...

The following quote is from "SKELETON KEY":
"To be a Deadhead is to live at the boundaries of social convention, and the status of homosexuals in American culture has likewise been that of outlaws. Both Deadheads and queers assert the sovereignty of the individual over society's idea of what it means to be a man or woman, and both are privy to insights about oneself as an evolving spiritual being that come only from viewing one's own culture from the *outside in.* The values which appear fixed and rigid to an unquestioning member of the mainstream culture appear fixed and relative to an outsider. In the instant of seizing the opportunity for personal autonomy, growth, and self- exploration, Deadheads and queers share the transcendent experience of "being in the world but not of it."

-- from 'Skeleton Key/A Dictionary for Deadheads' by David Shenk and Steve Silberman

...Now, if you're a queer deadhead like me - that's two strikes... PAGAN makes three. I guess I'm "OUT" ;o)

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


I'm looking forward to this one ...
Sun June 1 @ 9pm National Geographic Channel

Legend states that Merlin summoned the stones that make up Stonehenge from the Giant's Circle in Ireland.

Mid-12th Century pseudo-historian Geoffrey of Monmouth, whose book Historia Regum Britanniae (“History of the Kings of Britain”) presented the legend of King Arthur as fact, was perhaps the first to come up with an elaborate, fanciful explanation for Stonehenge’s existence. According to Geoffrey, the monument’s bluestones originated in Africa, where ancient giants scooped them up because of their healing properties and transported them to the mythical Mount Killaraus in Ireland, where they formed the Giants’ Circle. But when Aurelius Ambrosius, King of the Britons, wanted to create a memorial to slain warriors, the magician Merlin suggested to him that the stones (preseli bluestone) would make excellent building material. The king sent an army to defeat the Irish in battle, but they were unable to move the stones, until Merlin used his sorcery to dismantle the structure and transport it across the sea—proving, in the process, that the supernatural was more potent than brute force.

Monday, May 19, 2008

From A Spo Meme: A Short, Personal History of Blogging

My blog bud, Ur-Spo (who I had originally seen over at Daniel's Reality and Presence would have to fall under the category of "Our Mutual Friend" [more later*] he just enticed me) ... has an interesting post up about blogging. (go read it) I have chosen to respond here because I do love to give endorsements to the blogs I love to read.

He gives 5 Categories...

1) The first blog
I had ever followed was Where Is Raed? by Salam Pax - a gay Iraqi. I used to get so caught up in worrying about him between posts. He is a lover, not a fighter - but in saying that, I've come to realize that he is one of the biggest fighters of all time - fighting for human rights - living the cause day to day in his war-torn country... Thanks to BU$HCO. He was the one who first got me thinking that I might try my hand at it, and of course many of you now know that =CoffeeHouseStudio= was my attempt.

2) "FATE"
My second category (as chronologically - that's how I started blogging) would have to be "FATE" as I went scurrying about in the Blog-o-sphere... I stumbled upon the now defunct PBA (Progressive Blog Alliance) in the early days and joined. Many of the other authors there were politically open-minded and liberal, but not of the same "sexual persuasion" as myself with a few exceptions. I made quite a few cyber-friends there over the years.

  • Cul @ Ratboy's Anvil has grown to be a very close friend from those early days. It's funny, he probably knows more about me than my own partner does.
  • Jim @ Mockingbird's Medley has recently put his blog on hiatus. He was kind enough to let me co-author over there from time to time.
  • Doug Ireland @ Direland was also an early friend. This man is amazing. He writes about global human rights issues from the homsexual viewpoint. From him I learned many injustices in the world that happen against the LGBT community.
  • Natalie @ All Facts & Opinions, Another Early Friend in the many causes we've tried to advance - politically over the years. She is of a like mind - even in the music. (I'm not your typically gay taste in music... I like about anything if it's done well). Every Song Is A Voice.
There are many more examples and if I left anyone out, I'm sorry... This one's off the cuff.

3) Our Mutual Friend
*Urs fits into this one for me, as I've said before. I saw a few comments he left over at Daniel's (which was then "The Guy In The Dessert" ) who I happened to meet through "A Big Fat Slob" - who I happened to meet through Rick @ Homo Superior...

4) Reciprocal
I had been blogging quite a while before I'd ever gotten a comment... I wasn't very interesting back in those days (still not ;o)) ... but
One of my best friends, One that has sent me "goodies" in the mail - and TONS of spiritual support is my awesome Sister Sorrow @ Walking The Labrynth Of Life. I first remember her leaving a comment on a post I had over at the =CoffeeHouse= about the Icelandic Peace Tower for John Lennon. We've been close ever since.

Pax Romano @ Pax Romano's Ramblings is another truly awesome friend. Always lending support and good vibes, his blog is a daily read. After I get my coffee in the morning - his site is usually the first place I stop on the web. He always makes me laugh. I could see us palling around the Mall.
It's funny... he refers to his partner as "Whatshisname" - and Urs calls his S.O. "Someone".
I simply call mine "Butch" (sometimes I change the 'u' for an 'i')

Christopher @ From The Left (What a Hunk!) His politics are about the same as mine. He and his partner may be relocating to Portland Oregon soon. I wish them well.

5) "Caught My Eye" Blogs... Tons...

Here are a few:

and so on and so on and so on... Hope the post isn't too tedious. Go check them out, you won't be disappointed.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Time... Time... Time...


Look what's become of us...

Between the times of birth and death - we're supposed to make a little story.

Be Creative, Brothers & Sisters. Enjoy it.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Sorrow Brought Sunshine Today...

I got up in my usual grumpy mood... and then the coffee... That always makes me feel better. Went out to the garden to sow a few plants in the dappled morning sun...

Came back in to check the PC, and lo and behold - one of my favorite bloggers is shutting down his site today. Mockingbird's Medley is ending it's sweet song after 4 years of highly intelligent and acutely relevant political musing - which is a sad note to this rainbow soldier... Jim's always been a friend when I was down, and I suppose we'll still debate even after this; but losing a fellow site is always a sad story. I know nothing lasts forever and all that, but... still.

I went out to my mailbox, and there it was. A little square package of Sunshine from Virginia... I opened the parcel with glee. inside was this small note:

Jimi my friend
I had a little bird tell me you needed some joy today, so I am sending along a care package.
Full of care..
some food for the body, I can never get enough ginger...
some tea for the spirit and some tunes for the soul.
The pottery is experiments, learning curves I don't feel are there yet, but still have my heart in them, so I can't sell them, but I can give them with love...
to you...
Be peace my friend
and know even the smallest act of kindness spirals outward into the world.
I have been blessed by the rainbow of your life
blessings in abundance
Sister Sorrow

...After I dried the tears, the first thing I did was open the ginger ~lips smacking~ and have some - thinking of my Sister, and what an awesome person she is - and how blessed I am to have found someone like her out here in this ridiculously hard-assed world.

The tea is awesome. I love "Sorrow's Red Mix"... I wish I knew how to read tea leaves - but all I know is that they were dancing the happy dance to the CD she made me. Awesome music, and I'll play a few this Friday on the air.

The mug and candle are on the shelf right now, until later this afternoon when I will put them to good use with another mug o'Sorrow's Red Mix and a blessing.

You've given this old curmudgeonly hippy a real reason for joy. I can't express the way I feel in words. Rekindling faith in human kindness is an invaluable solemnity. Thank you is never enough. I was before, but I really am a believer in Karma now.

Peace Love & Light,
Jimi The Hippie

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Lilacs and Loving Memories

They bloom for about 2 - 3 weeks every year. In that time, their scent permeates the air with a delicious aroma.

They do bring with their beauty, a barrage of memories - my Grandmother's favorite flower, and also a security of sorts - hiding in the bushes from the bullies of youth - a memory shared with a Kindred Spirit.

When I was a youngster, we had a huge lilac bush in our yard - next to the Catholic Church on my block, so I was always in charge of bringing the flowers for Mary "Queen of May". I did so with glee... I loved their magic scent which only came at a certain time of the year. I'd bring in bunches of them and Stella D'Oro would cut them to size and put them in vases in the church. These are probably my only favorable memories of the Catholic Church, besides the Nun I'd had as a teacher in first & second grade - who'd gotten a bit too friendly with my Mother and was inevitably sent away... They'd gotten too close at a Birchwood Acres Clambake, and decided to kick up their heels to a gitterbug - and I suppose they had "too much fun". Predictably, the Bishop heard about it - no doubt from the local "Gladys Kravitz" - and they decided to send Sister Benilda away from the parish. "The Children's Hour" was hot off the Hollywood film express then, and I guess spurious rumors will always fly off the cuff in a small community...

My friend has some similar memories about hiding in lilac bushes as a child, and I sent some flowers to him in the mail. Unfortunately, the post office had other thoughts about what was inside the box...

Oh well. At least he got to smell the magic.

Sufi Thoughts:
"Live from your heart, you will be absolutely effective."

Thursday, May 08, 2008

I NEED A Little Laugh Today So...

'Springtime For Hitler'
from "The Producers"

There now... that cheered me up a bit. Hope you like...

...and well, I couldn't resist...
Here's the original version from 1968:

Monday, May 05, 2008



You want to know how it will be

Me and him / her or you and me
You both sit there with your long hair flowing
Your eyes alive, your minds are still growing
Saying to me what can we do now that we
Both love you -- I love you too
But I don't really see, why can't we go on as three

You are afraid, embarrased too, no one has ever (in your sweet short life child)
Said such a thing to you
Your mother's ghost stands at you shoulder
Got a face like ice -- just a little colder
Saying you can not do that it breaks all the rules
You learned in school
But I don't really see, why can't we go on as mmm three

You know we love each other it's plain to see
There's just one answer comes to me
Sister lovers -- (some of you must know about)
water brothers

And in time maybe others
So you see what we can do
Is to try something new - that is if you're crazy too
But I don't really see, why can't we go on as three

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Joyous Bealtaine

May day! Delightful day!
Bright colours play the vale along.
Now wakes at morning's slender ray
Wild and gay the blackbird's song.

Now comes the bird of dusty hue,
The loud cuckoo, the summer-lover;
Branchy trees are thick with leaves;
The bitter, evil time is over…

Loaded bees with puny power
Goodly flower-harvest win;
Cattle roam with muddy flanks;
Busy ants go out and in.

Through the wild harp of the wood
Making music roars the gale --
Now it settles without motion,
On the ocean sleeps the sail.

Men grow mighty in the May,
Proud and gay the maidens grow;
Fair is every wooded heights;
Fair and bright the plain below…

Loudly carols the lark on high,
Small and shy his tireless lay,
Singing in wildest, merriest mood,
Delicate-hued, delightful May.
Irish 9th century

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