Monday, March 23, 2009

The Thousandth Man

One man in a thousand, Solomon says,
Will stick more close than a brother.
And it's worth while seeking him half your days
If you find him before the other.
Nine nundred and ninety-nine depend
On what the world sees in you,
But the Thousandth man will stand your friend
With the whole round world agin' you.

'Tis neither promise nor prayer nor show
Will settle the finding for 'ee.
Nine hundred and ninety-nine of 'em go
By your looks, or your acts, or your glory.
But if he finds you and you find him.
The rest of the world don't matter;
For the Thousandth Man will sink or swim
With you in any water.

You can use his purse with no more talk
Than he uses yours for his spendings,
And laugh and meet in your daily walk
As though there had been no lendings.
Nine hundred and ninety-nine of 'em call
For silver and gold in their dealings;
But the Thousandth Man he's worth 'em all,
Because you can show him your feelings.

His wrong's your wrong, and his right's your right,
In season or out of season.
Stand up and back it in all men's sight --
With that for your only reason!
Nine hundred and ninety-nine can't bide
The shame or mocking or laughter,
But the Thousandth Man will stand by your side
To the gallows-foot -- and after!

-Rudyard Kipling

Thursday, March 19, 2009

A New Chapter Begins... Two Men & A Cat

Finally freed Mooch (my cat) from the clutches of Count Dracula & Count Chocula today. He's here with D-Man & me at the new place. I don't understand why they kept him, really - since they say they are both allergic to cats. It's just mind boggling to me. Holding a cat for ransom...

I still have the futon (which I'm sleeping on) and which they are trying to lay claim to. They have my bed, so... fair trade, as far as I'm concerned. The nerve of some people...

I must return to Castle Dracula one more time to get my upright bass, congas, paintings, art materials and some other personal items.

I wonder if they'll let me take my things - or if they'll say they belong to them.

Drac gave me a list of things that he wants returned - he says they are his, but he knows differently. He's turned into such a lying bastard lately. It's really sad to see what he's become. He called me "irresponsible" and "negligent" in his last phone message. Strangely, although it's not humorous in the least, I got a big laugh out of that. What a putz. At least I got my pussy...

Thursday, March 12, 2009 the ides come marching in...

Sorry I haven't been updating lately - so much has been happening...
Moving... working...

There never seems to be enough time.
Latest developments in the ongoing saga:

They want to play games it seems.

I went to the old house today to get my cat and a few personal items, but the locks were changed. I then went directly to the police department - where they told me in no uncertain terms - that I have the right as the homeowner to break into my own house.

I will be doing this tomorrow... and if either one gives me a hard time - I will direct the police officers to kindly escort the "gentleman" who has been living in my house since last July O-U-T.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Ode To The Teacher "The Biggest Violin"

I never realized the scope of your hatred - how much you despised me. I suppose the truth had to come out sometime. Although you tried your damnedest, emotions that intense can never be completely hidden.

But, what I will never understand is whatever the reason could have been. I should have remained just a trick to you. Some kind of "rough trade" for your carnal pleasure. Perhaps then, things could be different now.

But no - I had to become involved... I felt sorry for you - you seemed lost in the secular world at the time. After 15 years in the clergy - you seemed to be without direction in the real world. You said you wanted me - I felt it was my duty to help you. In the end, you resented that I guess.

You stole my life for a decade - and then you call me the thief - the purloined future still looming in the background...

Now you've found "the one" and you toss me away like last week's pizza box - trying to crush the shape of my soul flat. Well, I've got some news for you - you will never keep me down - no matter how much you try to pilfer from my spirit.

Latch on tightly to what you've stolen - the other side of Love will return to haunt you. You have foredoomed yourself.

In my fifty-five years of life, I can safely say that I have never actually hated anyone until now. You've taught me that - be proud of yourself.

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