Saturday, April 30, 2005

For Ran... My Bumperstickers..

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Bumper Sticker Heaven

Ran has an article on his site: "No religion Now" which is pretty thought provoking about "bumper stickers" and the intelligence of the people who drive the vehicles on which they appear...

I wonder what he would think of my "Bessie - The Green Finned Demon". My "wandering Billboard"..."The Green Dragon" which is my 'chariot'.

She's getting pretty expensive to keep now, since the price of her food has skyrocketed, but I just can't seem to give her up just yet...
Even though last week, while transporting a Player Piano, the wheel-gate wasn't hitched and swung open, hitting a lawyer's SUV and smashing the side view mirror off his vehicle... It would have to have been a lawyer, but he was way cool with it, and thanked me for coming into the office to tell him what happened.

[Thanks to the "Forces" that be that was all that occurred.]

Unseen stickers that are hidden in the photo:
Behind the wheel on the back:


"God Bless The Grateful Dead"

"TAKE A HIKE - Long Trail Ale"

"HRC =Equality="

"Peace Through Music"

...and of course my personal favorite:

The Last Time We Mixed Politics With Religion... People Got Burned At The Stake.

And then, there is the front of "Bessie":

If you look closely, above the rearview mirror on the windshield you will see:

... and on the front bumper:



I'm just wondering what Ran [and what everyone who sees her] would think if he saw this beast driving towards him on the highway...

All I know is that it keeps people behind me occupied at red lights. LOL


p.s. "Inteligence Quotient" was not invoked at the time of the 'slapping-on' of Bumper stickers.

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