Thursday, April 23, 2009

Falling Rocks... Not

Getting older sucks...

Lately I guess I'm becoming prone to getting some kind of anxiety attacks.
The old mind spins round & round for a few minutes and I sometimes have a bit of difficulty breathing. Never experienced this type of thing before.

It's a minor pain in the ass, and nothing serious - but it sure as hell can be inconvenient at times.

I need to settle up once and for all with the Counts of Monty 'Crisco'. I suppose that would make a big difference in the way I feel about myself.

It can be a rough thing getting your self esteem back - and I've been down this road before - only this time I seem to have gone a bit closer to the cliff side of the road. It can be a scary thing falling that far down...

Friday, April 17, 2009

"Rainy Day Money"...

I'm so glad I found the hundred dollar bill I stashed away in my wallet for a rainy day - or in this case - a rainy night.

Some of you know that I've been going through the process of "regrouping". The last time I was at Castle Dracula (about a month ago). I was removing some personal items from my bedroom, and I came upon a crisp, new $100. bill... hidden under my ashtray. I decided to hang onto it for a while...

Anyway, we had a little incident on the road last Tuesday night. The guardrail jumped out and shut off the fuel pump.(LOL) When we came back to the truck the next day, it was gone. The police had it towed as an abandoned vehicle. Luckily we found it at the local impound and quickly paid the $55 fee. The next thing I knew, the tire went flat on the other vehicle, so D-Man and I drove the truck to a used tire place where they had only one tire left - of the size I needed - price, $45... I snatched it right up. Thank gawd both vehicles are running just fine now - and thank gawd I put that money away for an emergency.

I'm so happy it's payday today because I'm flat broke now.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

I Can't Drive 55

Almost snagged a 12-point buck on the trip back here last night... It was raining, and I saw 6 deer on my side of the road - so I slowed down (luckily). The damn thing ran right into my path from the other side of the highway. I slid across the road like I was on a sheet of ice - and continued homeward bound.

D-Man was home when I got there - all cleaned up and looking ready to go a few rounds - with chicken burritos in the oven for me. He's a sweet little fucker. Damn, I just wanted to grab a hold of him and lay a big wet one on him. I just gave him a big fat bear hug instead... Nobody's ever given enough of a shit about me to do that before. He made me feel like a million bucks (no pun intended).

Got up early today to go in and cook breakfast - because the other cook doesn't seem to know how to use the phone - I drove the 40 minutes down from the mountain, and lo and behold, he was just getting out of the car when I arrived - so I came back home.

D-Man's sleeping in the other room - I can hear his sexy measured breathing... I'm taking him back to the Doctor on Monday to get his throat examined thoroughly (we were in the emergency room last Tuesday night). Wish the best for him - he merits a good break for a change. My heart aches for him - all he ever seems to get is shit on, and he deserves so much better. His good health and happiness will be my only wish as I blow out my birthday candles. I probably don't have very many more left...

...but it's so good to have a home again, and I don't have to wish for that anymore.

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