Thursday, June 05, 2008

Wave that cross on high

I've about had it up to here with radical evangelicals...
...who insist on calling themselves 'Christian Conservative'.
I swore also not to blog about it here, but goddam it it's got to be heard.

My nephew has been thrown out in the street by his mother because he said he believes in global warming at a church meeting. She was embarrassed when the whole church laughed at him...

She said to him that Jesus is teaching him a lesson. She left him to sleep in his car in a parking lot somewhere in Florida's panhandle - leaving it in "god's hands"... thus absolving herself of any guilt. What a perfect excuse that is...

After inviting him from Indiana to come and stay with her after the breakup between his girlfriend and he (of which she was the major cause) she pulls a stunt like that... at the demand of her 'pastor'. Mommie Dearest indeed. So much for "family values". The whole kit and kaboodle are evil bastards.

At the request of his father (my brother, who has been divorced from her for a number of years now - and who's job is on the road); we have opened our house to him - until he can get back on his feet.

If being "CHRISTIAN" means abandoning your family in their time of need - I'm so glad I'm Pagan. I use the "X" to identify these people - they are X-tians in my book...
They don't deserve to be associated with the name of The Christ.

Wait til she finds out he's coming here to stay in our Gay Household. She'll be going off the hook, I guarantee it. Absolutely bonkers.

Stay tuned for the soap opera which will be ensuing, I'm quite sure...


sorrow11 said...

well it's a MAD
the only true religion is LOVE..
and you are so Loved!

Ur-spo said...

that story makes me angry.

there is a parable somewhere in the Gospels where Jesus asks some kids about a man who asks son #1 to go work in the vineyard. the boy said gladly, but didn't go.
The man said the same thing to son #2 who said 'no' but later went out and did some work
'and who did his father's bidding?"
Jesus points out that there are those who think they sad 'yes' to God but do not do the will of heaven.
sorry to ramble, but it burns my bacon to see professed christians acting so cruelly and judgmental
the angels must weep.

Angelia Sparrow said...

You're good to take him in.
Hope it all works out with minimal drama.

If he's under 18, she needs to have Child Protective called.

Also, if you need help getting him there, call your local GLBT community center and/or a runaway hotline. Most runaway organizations handle throw-aways like him.

TigerYogiji said...

When I hear something like that I always think of the line that Gandhi said:

"I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.”

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