Wednesday, April 28, 2010

After The Binge...

Love lasts forever (so they say) - and trying to fit all you've got into a 3 day holiday with that someone special who's been away for a while can be somewhat exhausting...

We did a bit of drinking for his birthday.

The next day was spent cuddling.

The only quiet time we spent was for about 15 minutes when I was taking him back. I was driving - and I glanced over occasionally as he gazed out the window in silence. I finally smacked his leg and said "Shut - up! You're too fucking loud!" We both roared as we stopped for the last drink together. I looked in his baby blue eyes and tearily said "I'm missing you already."

He kissed me and went to stand in the doorway, watching as I pulled away.
I never wanted to go.

I'm counting the seconds till I see you again Little Brother...

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