Sunday, June 10, 2012

Spontaneous Apple Creation 6/3/12

June 6th Show
Sorry... I've been gone gone gone for the last 3 days. Enjoying Life with my 'Favorite Vet'. ...never even got the chance to update the radio show 91.3 FM WLVR from Sunday... (naughty naughty boy)

Here's the list:

Crazy World Of Arthur Brown - "Spontaneous Apple Creation"
Captain Lockheed - "Song Of The Gremlin (parts 1 & 2)"
Hawkwind - "Conjuration Of Magnu / Magnu"
Jeff Beck Group - "Situation"
Black Crowes - "Hotel Illness"
Aerosmith - "One Way Street"
Alex Harvey (SAHB) - "Midnight Moses"
ACDC - "Dirty Eyes" (outtake 1977)
*Van Morrison - "Here Comes The Night"
*Vanilla Fudge - "Ramble On"
*King Crimson - "Easy Money"
Free - "The Hunter"
Gravy Train - "Busted In Schenectady"
Babe Ruth - "Wells Fargo"
Climax Blues Band - "Rich Man"
Rory Gallagher - "Off The Handle"
Thin Lizzie - "Dancing In The Moonlight"
Blodwyn Pig - "Ain't Ya Coming Home Babe?"
Jethro Tull - "Reasons For Waiting"
*Emerson Lake & Palmer - "Time & A Space"
Bob Marley - "Iron Lion Zion"
Crack The Sky - "Ice"
Argent - "Cast Your Spell Uranus"
Hot Tuna - "True Religion"
Ten Years After - "Religion"
Pink Floyd - "Pigs On The Wing" (8 Track version)
Black Bonzo - "Supersonic Man"
Incredible Hog - "Wreck My Soul"
Tractor - "Little Girl In Yellow"
Caravan - "In The Land Of Grey & Pink"
Kansas - "Cheyenne Anthem"
Frank Zappa - "Willie The Pimp"
Bonus Track... Joe Bonamassa - "Dislocated Boy"

ॐ Jimi The Hippie ॐ

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