Saturday, June 30, 2007

A Relaxing Moment In The Gardens: For PaxR...

...and any of my other friends who'd like to mosey on over...

This little garden patch is about 7 x 15 feet. That's probably giving it a bit of benefit. Still, we love it and have so many plants crammed in there you wouldn't believe it.

Mostly perennials in the back garden. Holly, blue cypress, Jacob's ladder, Lilac, iris, freesia, daffodils & crocus (gone now), red dogwoods, arborvitae, English ivy, coral bells, Canterbury bells, Lucifer, Archangel, Joseph & Mary plants, Himalayan cimmaron roses, shasta daisies, echanachea (purple coneflower), black-eyed Susans, sedum 2 types, hakiro naskeiki, flowering maple, hostas (there are so many different kinds - we only have 7), impatients, coreopsis, phlox, edelweiss, bleeding hearts, ferns, foxglove, English heather, patchouli (of course) and all the rest of my little herb garden (whew, I never tried to list all these damn plants) oregano 5 types, basil 3 types, stevia, chervil, rosemary 3 types, sages 12 types (including Russian which you shouldn't eat... eck!), curry, chives only 2 types, eucalyptus, and not to forget the patio tomatoes.

Every time I bring a new plant home, Butch's motto is: "Room To Grow".
And the mantra I get from him is "NO MORE PLANTS!" It's almost like we are running an orphanage for abandoned flora.

For goodness sake, our friend at the nursery has stopped taking money from us and started giving us plants... and she's always giving me cuttings. How can I say no?

Yes, that is a 'hex sign' on the front office door. We do live in PA after all, and have to fit in with the neighbors...

Some of the plants in those containers & hanging baskets are mostly annuals: fuschia, heliotrope, lantana, allium, lillies, amaranthus (Joseph's Coat & pink), sweet potato vines, vinca, cigar vines, firecracker plants, morning glories, signet marigolds, sunflowers, million bells, wave petunias, nastersium, coleus, columbine, cannas, dahleas & dahliettas, summer splash blue, scarlet angelwing begonias, cardinal vine, zinnias, citronella, serissa, clematis, diamond frost, bloodleaf, geraniums, celosia, and tons of sage and salvia (including the new 'Evoloution' variety. Butch & I love sage & salvia).

And on the other side out front, there is much of the same, plus... Colossal sunflowers (which are about 8 inches taller since I took this pic 3 days ago - from all the rain. So glad I staked them before the deluge. They get to 12'. Soon I'll be able to hide nicely in there where no one can see me sitting on the porch swing from the street.) clematis 7 types, white roses, hydrangeas, passion flowers, mandeville, azaleas... We're trimming the crysanthemums for the Fall.

I know I've missed a bunch & we lost a few to that crazy last winter, but it's about 11:30pm, and I'm not going out with the flashlight to look now. I'll update in the am. I guess that's a pretty good list off the top of my head.


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