Monday, March 24, 2008

A New Dawn

ZEN and the art of the controlled accident
On controlling accidents...

This could easily be the story of my life.
It's most assuredly - that I'm here because of an accident. From then on, it becomes the dilemma of controlling the accident. How to become a desired effect from a happenstance. It's harder than one might think.

Most generally, accidents have a negative overtone to them. When one thinks of an "accident" it's usually a bad experience. If you happen to find yourself on the other side of an unexpected accident, it can take a lot of energy to turn it around into a positive thing...
Always remember, it's not an impossible feat.

Bon Chance, Mes Amis.


sorrow11 said...

It's like falling with

Seamus said...

Kind of, yeah...
...but when you hit bottom - ouch.
Then there's always falling upwards.

Ur-spo said...

write now I am studying sages who do not believe in 'accidents' but in all things related/connected.
it is a bit scary to consider such.

Seamus said...

If your sages believe in pre-destiny, then there can be no spontaneity, Urs. Although I can see the point they are coming from, I have to leave it open.

I'll take from Alan Watts:
"...Which accidents are "controlled" in Zen art? How is it possible to control an accident? Is the accident desired, or accidental? What quality is more admired, the "fortuitous beatuy" or the accidental ness?"

I would then ask, if an accident is controlled - can it really be considered an 'accident'?

In art, an accident can lead to a visual discovery of great beauty - or a horrid mistake that is then discarded. I can remember a certain glaze technique that was developed for pottery - was discovered when someone chewing tobacco spit and the vase was then fired. It created a beautiful branching effect in the finish. It was then developed into being a "controlled accident" to create that effect.

This idea can also be applied to music, or anything in life, really.

In hetero sex, 'accidents' can lead to a child. That's what I was relating to in the post - my life. I was the 'accident' that caused my parents (they were young) to marry... therefore enabling two brothers to be born after me.

I have to believe in accidents - I'm living proof...


seamus said...

the link for Alan Watts

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