Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Time Is Not My Own...

I must apologize to my readers on not having posted in a while. I've been spending all my "free" time working on a menu and logo for a new restaurant. As far as the logo goes, here's what I've come up with so far:

Of course, I inverted the image here so it would look better on the blog. ...and yes, that is actually what the place looks like.

The menu is another story for me. It is an ever changing process... One day I have something I think will be great, and the next day I think - do I really want to do that?

It's coming along though... I'll have plenty of time to do it right. (Hopefully)


sorrow11 said...

Looks good so far...
Now whats on the menu?
anything exotic and tasty?
By the by...did you pick out the name of the place? or is an old historical building?

Seamus Aloysius said...

Thanks, Sis.

Actually, the new owners are keeping the name. ...and yes, I think it is a historical building - no matter though - when I get there it will be a hysterical building.

Here's the menu they have now.
(as you can see, it needs some major tweaking).

I can't wait to get in the kitchen and actually see it. I'll be rearranging a few things right off, I bet. (wink)


Ur-spo said...

well i like it.

Seamus Aloysius said...

Thanks Urs.
I only hope the new owners will... LOL.
I have a few other ideas worked out too.

sorrow11 said...

Yeah tweeking, I get it!

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