Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Ode To The Teacher "The Biggest Violin"

I never realized the scope of your hatred - how much you despised me. I suppose the truth had to come out sometime. Although you tried your damnedest, emotions that intense can never be completely hidden.

But, what I will never understand is whatever the reason could have been. I should have remained just a trick to you. Some kind of "rough trade" for your carnal pleasure. Perhaps then, things could be different now.

But no - I had to become involved... I felt sorry for you - you seemed lost in the secular world at the time. After 15 years in the clergy - you seemed to be without direction in the real world. You said you wanted me - I felt it was my duty to help you. In the end, you resented that I guess.

You stole my life for a decade - and then you call me the thief - the purloined future still looming in the background...

Now you've found "the one" and you toss me away like last week's pizza box - trying to crush the shape of my soul flat. Well, I've got some news for you - you will never keep me down - no matter how much you try to pilfer from my spirit.

Latch on tightly to what you've stolen - the other side of Love will return to haunt you. You have foredoomed yourself.

In my fifty-five years of life, I can safely say that I have never actually hated anyone until now. You've taught me that - be proud of yourself.


Sorrow said...

I'm still out here, just changed my spot, was tired of the stalkers and the haters.
Although I a seem to pick them up wherever i go.
Guess the big life lesson will be to learn how to let go off hate.
once this chapter is finally closed.
You shine to brightly my friend, to be anything more than a threat to the dark.

ॐ JIMI THE HIPPIE ॐ said...

Thanks for having faith in me, Sis.
I have to go deal with the "soul-sucking vampires" now. Will update in a few...

I can't believe they are holding my cat as a hostage - it's totally insane.

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