Thursday, March 12, 2009 the ides come marching in...

Sorry I haven't been updating lately - so much has been happening...
Moving... working...

There never seems to be enough time.
Latest developments in the ongoing saga:

They want to play games it seems.

I went to the old house today to get my cat and a few personal items, but the locks were changed. I then went directly to the police department - where they told me in no uncertain terms - that I have the right as the homeowner to break into my own house.

I will be doing this tomorrow... and if either one gives me a hard time - I will direct the police officers to kindly escort the "gentleman" who has been living in my house since last July O-U-T.


Sorrow said...

Well, I have been missing you..
good to read a few words, even if it is all Bullshit.

ॐ Jimi The Hippie ॐ said...

They have pushed me to the edge, Sis.

I've been missing you too... Can't get on your site anymore.

Hopefully the "ides" will change things for the better.

Peace & The Most Love

Ur-spo said...

I was pleased as punch to see you posting, but sad to see what you are facing/dealing with at this time of life
Good luck - and keep us posted, please!

ॐ JIMI THE HIPPIE ॐ said...

Good to see you too, Bro.
Now that I'm actually out of "Castle Dracula" I feel like a great weight has been lifted from my shoulders. ...but I'm still not done with them, unfortunately...

Cosa Nostradamus said...

Hey, Jimi. I guess I don't have to ask "howzit goin'?" Sorry to hear about your troubles. I'm having my own right now. So it goes.

Please review the advice I gave before. DO NOT GET INVOLVED with these people on a personal or physical level. Let a lawyer sort it out. Legal Aid may be able to help you for free or refer you to a lawyer who'll take your case on contingency, costing you nothing up front. If you have any realistic claim to real property, there's money there.

If you have to go back to the house, ALWAYS bring a cop. You'll need a reliable witness in dealing with this sort of situation. If things were to get sticky, you could end up in the pokey, or on the wrong end of a lawsuit. Let the cops & lawyers handle it. It sucks, I know, but that's what they're there for.

Meanwhile, you're smart to have moved on. Keep moving. That must have been a real psychic sink-hole all along. Things can only get better, given time. Hey, maybe you'll meet a nice gay police officer.

Hope all is well at Rainbows. Let me know if you need any more Sriracha! Slainte!

ॐ JIMI THE HIPPIE ॐ said...

Slainté Cosa
...and thanks for the advice.

They've already broken the law by denying me access to the property. Here in PA that's illegal.

I'm hoping all goes well for you too, Bro. Let me know if I can help from this end. Got a new e-mail addy. They somehow got access to the old one. I'll be sending soon.

Peace & Love

Cosa Nostradamus said...

Please send new email addy. Glad all is well. Keep the peace!

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