Thursday, February 07, 2008

Bless Dick Blick

I finally got two brand new canvases on sale.
40% off is a pretty big savings. Thank you Dick... Wish I had a bunch more money.

There was this cute little cashier wearing a Pink Floyd 'Dark Side Of The Moon' T shirt, that took care of me - trotting around the store in front of me showing me anything that I'd mention.

What service! And with a huge engaging smile that was truly genuine. He certainly filled my 'eye candy' quotient for the day! We talked for about 25 minutes.

Don't ever let this old Hippie walk into an art store alone. I want to have so many things (besides that cashier - woof! - he was a bit young for my taste tho). Spent an hour "longing" for the things I'd never be able to afford. As it was I spent well over $100 that I don't really have for such luxuries...

Besides the canvases, I got a small set of colour shapers, a huge tube of alizarin crimson oil paint and some quick drying agent for oil paint. I was eying up some new paint knives, but I couldn't afford them. One of the knives I wanted was $35, which of course I didn't have. I'll just have to re-invent a new use for something around here instead...

Now to get my ass off this chair and into my ice cold studio to choose where to start...


sorrow11 said...

An art store??? ahhh it's a trip to mecca!The last time i went to one i saw these water based Oils???? seriously! They salesman, (No eye candy here) told me that they were a hot selling item. I had never seen them before. but I need to research them. ( not that i could afford them)
So now we all get to wait in antici.......( say it) pation! for your latest
can not wait!

SA said...

I Love You, Sis.
If I get inspired, I might show stages... Already got the blanks up there...LOL.

Any luck with the T shirts yet?
Soon as I get some more cash, I'm there... (I'm really broke now)

I was over at your place yesterday and read about your 'Day In The City'... man o man. I tried to comment, but Word Press wasn't having any of it. Now I don't see that post...

Congratulations on your review.
That's so cool.


sorrow11 said...

Yeah, Word press got all wonky on me, good thing i wrote it in Pages first. The whole post disappeared! Along with another one i wrote but didn't save.(GRRR)I took some shirts to a gift shop I sell pots at and they put up what I had. I need to get a few more made and try a couple more local gigs.
I so hear you on the broke front. The Teenager was bitching " why don't you ever get a real job? then we could have shit." I can't wait to see what he grows up to be...
I am so looking forward to the paintings! please
PRETTY Please put them up in process!
Peace and love

seamus said...

Ahhh yes.
The joys of "teenage-dom"...
I remember them well.

Mine will be 33 on (oh damn, it's tomorrow...!!!)
He kinda grew up like the old man - another chef in the family... LOL
Tried to steer him clear of the restaurant business, but you know how they are...

Maithri said...

Look forward to seeing the finished product (or the 'work in progress' my friend)

Wish i could paint ;)

Love and the light of peace to you,


Ur-spo said...

back when i did painting, i loved oh so loved a white canvas. So many possibilities with them!
I miss painting.
I have some coloured pencils I've been meaning to use but nothing has 'grabbed me' to pick them up (yet).

Seamus A said...

Thanks for the pep talk everyone.
As soon as I can get past all these diversions, I'll start.

Every time I pick up the pencil. the phone rings or someone's at the door....

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