Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Finally... "Scene ONE In which Doris Gets Her Oats."

Got my Krink inks in the mail. I was putting off ordering them because I actually thought I'd get up enough gumption to go trekking off to THE CITY to buy them in person at the store. (I really wanted to have another rendezvous with Fucker, but he's really busy now that the writers have returned.) That would have been nice.

Turntable Lab was very fast in sending what I ordered, considering that I used the "free" ground mail option. I ordered Friday and the stuff was here yesterday! Very happy with the service. (also got some DJ equipment) I'll be ordering from TTL again. Thanks guys.

Aside from a trip to the dentist this morning and having a tooth pulled, I'm psyched to start painting. (This one will be a practice, but after requests to see it in progress - I'll put it up in stages)

...Started sketching on the canvas, but that is always less than satisfactory... (it always looks like shit) But when the first brush stroke goes on that's when the real excitement happens. Maybe I should have picked another to start, but I decided on the Dragonsblood detail for a bit of practice. Perhaps I'll change the bank clock in the lower left corner for a McDonald's sign or some other Corporate Icon. Then again, a good bank clock is hard to find these days...

Experimenting with ink and oil should be fun... Again, maybe I should do acrylic... Damn, so indecisive...LOL. At any rate, I'll varnish the finished endeavor with Dragon's Blood shellac to bring out a bit more red.

I was thinking about doing a sand textured base for the painting, but I have to do a bit more research to attempt that. Maybe next painting on the list. "Imaginary Lovers" needs to be done on a larger scale. That might be great with a sand base primer. We'll see.

I know I have to get cracking if I want to enter anything for the show.
Wish me Luck...


sorrow11 said...

~smile~ but I don't see you needing much of it, this is going to be awesome!
I ordered some water based oils from Dick Blick, haven't gotten them yet, but you have fired up my desire to paint ...sooo
Thanks for the process and the inspiration!

Seamus Aloysius said...

ahhhh... Thanks for being here for me sweetie. I'm so glad you have time to experiment. I love that part the most.

Ur-spo said...

i envy you
i miss painting and what it brought out of me.

Seamus Aloysius said...

Don't envy, Urs...
Let's start a school.
You would be a prized member.
Come on and play...


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