Friday, February 22, 2008

"Mid-Day Star"

Words & Music: KB Price (1974)
Upper Room Productions LTD


Once upon a mid-day star I dreamed you were near
Then you reach up for a gentle touch
And you fade beyond the stream of life
Changing all the day to night, tonite.

I'm hypnotized by the flame dancing in the night
I'm blinded by the fire - burning inside
And the candle melts away
Like the love you found and lost - one day.


Mid-Day Star (1974)
Please excuse the 1960's production...
We didn't have much in the studio then.

Here's a Live version that was done 21 years later.
Mid-Day Star (Live 1995)
(that's actually 13 years ago) Holy Smokes!!!



Ur-spo said...

i've been away for a week with The Crud - i hoped to hear an update here! please tell me/us what is news with you.

Seamus Aloysius said...

I really hope you're feeling better, Urs... Thanks for stopping by.

I've been really busy trying to get a new menu together for this new restaurant, (I'll post more later) and working on trying to archive some old original music files from analog format to digital.

So far I have about 75 files done, but I keep finding more! It really is time consuming - I lose all track of time doing it, and my guy is so pissed off at me - but he never supports me in anything I do, so I've decided to see this through on my own.

I never realized KB & I had so much music over the years. It truly boggles... Unfortunately I had to put a halt on the painting, just temporarily... I'll get back on the bus soon.

Be Well, Bro.


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