Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Can't Give Everything


Now that April Fools Day is over, I guess it's safe to post again. I've probably played the fool too long now. It's time to wake up and Live.

Nobody really gives a shit anyway.
I should just go off somewhere and be a fucking hermit. It's funny - Lily asked, "What just happened behind your eyes? Your mood is changing and I don't know why." - just as I wrote that last line before the quotes.

If only she knew. I'm sure she does. She wrote the words & music.

Music always brings me back. Soothing Savages.
If only... ahhh, too late.

Bringing me back to what? ...Somehow this time it's different. There's nothing left to come back to. That's my fault.
I'll blame it all on me - there's no one else here.



sorrow11 said...

It's kind of serendipitous, these words of yours...
I was telling the 15 year old that You get one life, and there is only One person that you will have from beginning to end, only one person that you have to live with, only one person you have to listen to, to make happy, accept responsibility for, believe in, One person to be accountable for at the end of the day.
Thats You.
You must do what makes you happy,with out hurting any one else deliberately, It's your life and you live it.
Squeeze as much Love, laughter and living out of every day that you can. Look for the best in yourself, and focus on that good, and make it bloom with in your soul. Be the person YOU want to be. Not worrying about any one else and their expectations of you or their perceptions, it's not their Goddamn life...
it's yours.
You will wake up with you every day, and you will go to bed with you every night, make sure you do it with a content feeling in your heart, in your being, and you will have truly lived.
Do you think he heard any of it?
maybe one day it will flash in his head, and like a light it will gone on and he will see.
I can only Love and Hope for this.
In him and in everyone I love..

seamus said...

It's all we can do for anyone we Love, Sis. He'll see it. It's just the teen 'ness'.

I was told today that the pendulum swings... It's gotta come back this way sometime, right? I'm holding on to that thought.

Thanks for every word and for hugs.
I miss that.

Huggin' Back.

Ur-spo said...

i hope you never give up being The Fool. I can think of no better role to be.

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