Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Jimi: Still Releasing... after all these years

The recently discovered Jimi Hendrix XXX tape is finally ready to legally hit the streets.

Execs at porno distrib Vivid Video say the Purple Haze icon's estate has failed to prove the film is a phony.

Vivid offered a $100,000 offer to Jimi's estate, Experience Hendrix LLC, if they could prove within sixty days that the archival sex tape was fake.

"We always knew it was real," Vivid's Steven Hirsch told The New York Daily News.

The film graphically depicts Jimi gettin' down and dirty with recognizable super-groupies Pamela Des Barres and Cynthia Albritton.

Albritton, who had made a plaster casts of Jimi's phallus - as well as other famed rockers 'thangs'- attested to the footage's authenticity.

Oddly enough, Albritton is also getting a cut of the royalties from the DVD despite the fact she doesn't remember experiencing it.

Must have been the mind blowing milieu of the 1960s counter culture drug scene.


Ur-spo said...

Mr. Hendrix is one of these artists who keeps on going despite being dead.
some of my favorite dead writers continue to put out novels every few years.

ॐ Jimi The Hippie ॐ said...

I hear you Bro... How the hell do they do it?

Alan Watts is one of my favorites in this category. He died in 1973 and still there is "new" material.

Jimi died in '70... Video tape was a new item then... ;o)

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