Thursday, June 11, 2009

Love or a Genu-ine Facsimile Thereof

  • 12:00 am Friday:
Why is it that we can't help ourselves when we fall in Love?
This old Heart always seems to pick the worst scenario.
...or maybe it's just me...

I'm just a hopeless romantic, I suppose.
Doomed to be forever brokenhearted.
Or maybe not...

  • 1:00 pm Thursday:
I was pumping gas while D-Man went into the station to get smokes. Next thing I know, they have him cuffed while pulling up his shirt - and tearing his pants open, searching... "Kannst du mikke funge?" - my mouth was wide open in disbelief...

The K-9 'men' told me to go "Get Lost." they said - after running a check on my license. D-Man kissed me in front of them - while handcuffed - wild fucking look in his eyes and said he would call me. They shoved him in the car and wouldn't let me follow, so I ended up going to work.

I'm still waiting to hear from him - a nervous wreck... My heart's been beating miles a minute all day.

I'm just hoping that kiss wasn't a kiss goodbye...

1:07 am Saturday:

Got the word on my compadre earlier today. Seems there was a parole violation (in another county from 2005). He didn't show up for a court date in this county, so they're holding him over - Magistrate dropped the charges - but he still has to pay $1,000 or spend 45 days in the slammer, and then go to jail in the other county.

Does that make any sense at all?

I want him back here with me where he belongs...
...Calling a lawyer on Monday. Something seems a bit out of kilter.

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