Friday, June 26, 2009

Taking some Time

I'm sitting here relaxing a bit - finally able to take a breath.

Had a bit of a hassle when I went to the prison last night - and I only got to see the D-Man for about 5 minutes. Frisking is not all it's made out to be... (visits are supposed to be a half hour long - I suppose if you don't happen to be wearing a hat, bandanna and a tie-dye.)

At least he got to see his daughter. Hope he's alright.

Looks like I'll be getting him out of the slammer soon (I hope... if all goes well).

Got him a lawyer Tuesday, and he's awesome. Calmed me down immensely.

Then I got an extended "line of credit" at the bank - signing the papers next Monday (thank gawd it went through). Then it's off to the Courthouse to pay the lawyer and the first set of fines . With Luck, he'll be transferred, the lawyer will show up and ask for a hearing, and I'll pay the second set of fines (the big ones) at the Courthouse in the next county - and he'll be released in time for the Fourth (please). Brings new meaning for me to the Independence Day thing...

Can't wait to give him a big fat hug and then a good bare-assed licking. I still think that cop had a hard-on for my man. If you'd have seen the smile on his face when he slapped the cuffs on... you'd know what I mean.

Damn this is such a racket it seems.
The charges were dropped years ago on the first warrant, but the fine still has to be paid.



Ur-spo said...

I have given up trying to understand the legal system.
It is even more in need of reform/clean up than the medical field, but there will be no 'movement' for it.
As it is run by lawyers, who profit how it works now. They run the law; so they won't change it.

ॐ JIMI THE HIPPIE ॐ said...

I know you are right Bro. It sucks getting caught up in this Scheiße*.

*(from the German = genitive, uncountable, vulgar, shit)

...I must have done something pretty terrible in my last life to be going through all this Scheiße now. If I only knew what the hell it was - maybe I'd have an inkling of how to avoid any more...

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