Saturday, October 27, 2007

Dancing with Destiny ...(Indiscriminately)

I cried down 402 last night, partly because of - what most would call - my indiscretion, but mostly because I spent the most beautiful evening of my life with my kindred spirit.

  • Midnight:
Deer went flying by on the wet road and seemed to know my mood - keeping their distance from the old Bronco; as beautifully colored wet October leaves circled down around me in the darkness and grey fog - lit only by the headlamps, as if to say we told you so - turn around you fool, before it's too late.

  • Looking Through Tears' Prism:
Even though you have reassured me to the contrary - I fear I'm out of my league with You, my Sweet Fucker. You have become my Fabulous Absolute... The one I've seen in that dream. Finally holding you after all these years it has become incontrovertibly clear...

I'm here for you should you need me.
Sweet Fucker.

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