Wednesday, October 31, 2007

My Sacred Places: कोलुम्सिल्ले

Today, just after noon I took some personal time for reflection. Thank The Old Ones for providing a Sacred Space nearby for much needed meditation and reflection. I needed to get back in tune using my harmonics which were barely audible within me, at this point. I don't know why I've waited so long to do this, but I now know it's happened just at the right time.
The 'nick' if you will...

When I got home I lit the Dreamcatcher Candle near Greenman and offered my collection for the New Year.
3 simple leaves and an acorn shell.
The symbol of Tetragrammaton if you please...
The candle burns brightly and the scent is sweet and permeates the household.

Here are a few pictures I took along the way...

I love sharing.

You can click for the big pic...

As the wind was answering my questions walking along the paths, I took it all in... the energy of the Earth & Sky before me, and the melody within myself which harmonized without. Hawks & Crows soaring on the last Autumn breezes. I found my answers in the falling leaves... The Trees still proud before me, baring limbs receding... [:::]

I have no one to blame but myself for letting this happen to me.

Things may have happened to me - terrible things - things from my past which will forever haunt me, things that were done to me because of hate, greed, jealousy, and all the other negatives that may be encountered; but it was all due to my own reactions to these negatives, that I lost my way.

I will remember not to let that happen again.

Thanks to my very special friend for helping me see this. You are a blessing to me. You know who you are, Beautiful One - and I'm getting reacquainted with me because of you. You helped me see what was missing in my life and recapture it for a glorious fleeting moment in time - I am forever greatful and in your debt. [:::]

The last three pictures had to do with the glowing aura I get from this place. "Thor's Gate" is the name of this spot, and it really is like St Oran said:
"The way you think it is may not be the way it is at all."
I can't remember the rest of the thought which comes after - at present, but it's equally as enlightening.

St Oran is a 'Christianization' of Merlin to me, from the time of the Book of Kells.

This was my humble offering today to the Earth & Sky...
...The Trees shimmered as I spelled out in Rocks and Acorn Shells "World Peace" not only Outer Peace but Inner Peace for all as well. Every Living Thing.

I remember St Oran's quote always when dealing with things that might be bothering me at any given moment. Maybe I just need another reference point or perspective view. I try to look at a problem I'm having from different angles to see if I will come to the same conclusion each time... [:::]

This last spot was the place I felt most at ease today. I sat down yogi style under a great fir tree on a large rock and took in the sight of Mother Nature in all her splendor at this most wonderful time of the year, tuning myself back into the sound of the Universe - not that I ever left, but it certainly felt like I finally came Home.

Happy New Year...









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