Friday, November 30, 2007

From All Directions - Nothing

You were so right about the darkness, Sis.
It's so dark in here no light can penetrate.
Thanks for trying to turn on a light, though...

OK, I get the message, Fucker. There is no message... Still I hope that all is well with you... I might be a bit thick-headed, but I know that my heart belongs with you, not him. He threw it back at me long ago. You'd think I'd know better than this by now at my age. ...a trusting idiot, too old to learn new tricks at this point, I suppose. Trying to rationalize never works when you compromise mystic reverence.

No matter how good it sounds at the time, never mix your feelings with fantasy while playing a role. Even when you can't know you're playing. Don't let that silly imagination run away with you.

I think I'll have a good laugh now.
no job - no life - no love... sweet. Strike 3.
Seems like I never deserved those things anyway...

Just in time for the holidaze... Nothingness.
What once was - is now not...

Hurt comes in different sized packages.
Small ones can sometimes damage worse that the so-called big ones, but it all boils down to the same disillusion. People change - situations change - hell, the whole world is changing... Ice is falling off the Arctic Shelves directly on what was once my heart.
So why do I remain the same?
Fool - that's all.

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