Thursday, November 29, 2007

Strike - A Note Of Compassion

I've lit the Winter Fire this day.
To drive the cold away.
Wishing You were here with Me to feel it's warmth.
It never seems to fail - how Life goes the way it wants - Leaving Us here alone.

I know you've gone to bed.
I've missed you yet again...
Your message is burning brightly on the IM... the only light is monitor. I wish I was there to make you laugh - I love to hear the sound of your laughter - like a warm running brook. But alas...

Another bad day at the office.
More firings, jobs depleted, more tears...
It's not your fault, Fucker. They put you in that position. They laugh at the people that you must axe ... It's a snapshot of Corporate American indifference & tyranny.

I empathize with you, Fucker. Wish I was there to hold & comfort you - to lick away those salty tears. Sides will settle soon. You will have the job back that you enjoy, not the things CEO's make you do. Maybe then they will personally feel what they have wrought on the Others.

The candle burns downstairs.
Fusing our foremost cares.
I'm sorry - feeling frustrated - but that never does any good.
Wish I could, but I can't be there - only in Spirit with You, Fucker.
One Day... Please make it soon?

  • From This Side

I've decided not to go back to this new job. I was unconsciously starting to revert to old ways again by being there. I caught myself last night. I didn't like what I saw. So...

I don't know whatever possessed me to think I could work for a Corporation after all these years. I suppose it was lack of employment opportunities. This so called "job market" really bites. They want too much for too little, and it would seem they're the only game in town presently.

Sleep well, Fucker... Tomorrow's another DAY.

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