Saturday, November 10, 2007

First Onion

I couldn't stay with you to enjoy the onion snow. The snow was clinging to the trees. The beauty and majesty of the first snowfall always is the best.

Making passionate love with you - next to a blazing fire on the sheepskins, your grey gotee shimmering in the firelight and that intensely limerent look in your eyes - will be forever in my most cherished memories...

Damn the telephones... and the rest that take precedence. I felt dispirited having had to leave you there alone. I was already missing you as I walked out the front door.

The roads weren't icy, and I thought of you throughout the 100 mile trek back - to be here by midnight - or turn into a pumpkin. The snow kept falling, as I drove into it, like traveling through the stars at light speed...

I would have liked nothing better than to have been waking up in your bed - with you cuddled next to me. After morning loving, getting up and having our first cup of coffee together - watching the daylight reveal the glistening snow and romping through it with you...

I'd tackle you and then...

Have you ever made love in the snow, Fucker?
I never have, but I would love that with you.
Sometime soon we'll spend the whole night through, I promise and I hope with all my heart. It's all I can do right now... Hope.

Please be patient with me.

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