Monday, May 19, 2008

From A Spo Meme: A Short, Personal History of Blogging

My blog bud, Ur-Spo (who I had originally seen over at Daniel's Reality and Presence would have to fall under the category of "Our Mutual Friend" [more later*] he just enticed me) ... has an interesting post up about blogging. (go read it) I have chosen to respond here because I do love to give endorsements to the blogs I love to read.

He gives 5 Categories...

1) The first blog
I had ever followed was Where Is Raed? by Salam Pax - a gay Iraqi. I used to get so caught up in worrying about him between posts. He is a lover, not a fighter - but in saying that, I've come to realize that he is one of the biggest fighters of all time - fighting for human rights - living the cause day to day in his war-torn country... Thanks to BU$HCO. He was the one who first got me thinking that I might try my hand at it, and of course many of you now know that =CoffeeHouseStudio= was my attempt.

2) "FATE"
My second category (as chronologically - that's how I started blogging) would have to be "FATE" as I went scurrying about in the Blog-o-sphere... I stumbled upon the now defunct PBA (Progressive Blog Alliance) in the early days and joined. Many of the other authors there were politically open-minded and liberal, but not of the same "sexual persuasion" as myself with a few exceptions. I made quite a few cyber-friends there over the years.

  • Cul @ Ratboy's Anvil has grown to be a very close friend from those early days. It's funny, he probably knows more about me than my own partner does.
  • Jim @ Mockingbird's Medley has recently put his blog on hiatus. He was kind enough to let me co-author over there from time to time.
  • Doug Ireland @ Direland was also an early friend. This man is amazing. He writes about global human rights issues from the homsexual viewpoint. From him I learned many injustices in the world that happen against the LGBT community.
  • Natalie @ All Facts & Opinions, Another Early Friend in the many causes we've tried to advance - politically over the years. She is of a like mind - even in the music. (I'm not your typically gay taste in music... I like about anything if it's done well). Every Song Is A Voice.
There are many more examples and if I left anyone out, I'm sorry... This one's off the cuff.

3) Our Mutual Friend
*Urs fits into this one for me, as I've said before. I saw a few comments he left over at Daniel's (which was then "The Guy In The Dessert" ) who I happened to meet through "A Big Fat Slob" - who I happened to meet through Rick @ Homo Superior...

4) Reciprocal
I had been blogging quite a while before I'd ever gotten a comment... I wasn't very interesting back in those days (still not ;o)) ... but
One of my best friends, One that has sent me "goodies" in the mail - and TONS of spiritual support is my awesome Sister Sorrow @ Walking The Labrynth Of Life. I first remember her leaving a comment on a post I had over at the =CoffeeHouse= about the Icelandic Peace Tower for John Lennon. We've been close ever since.

Pax Romano @ Pax Romano's Ramblings is another truly awesome friend. Always lending support and good vibes, his blog is a daily read. After I get my coffee in the morning - his site is usually the first place I stop on the web. He always makes me laugh. I could see us palling around the Mall.
It's funny... he refers to his partner as "Whatshisname" - and Urs calls his S.O. "Someone".
I simply call mine "Butch" (sometimes I change the 'u' for an 'i')

Christopher @ From The Left (What a Hunk!) His politics are about the same as mine. He and his partner may be relocating to Portland Oregon soon. I wish them well.

5) "Caught My Eye" Blogs... Tons...

Here are a few:

and so on and so on and so on... Hope the post isn't too tedious. Go check them out, you won't be disappointed.


Ur-spo said...

well that solves one of my mysteries; we met through Daniel!

Seamus said...

Are there more mysteries Bro?

Christopher said...

Wow. Gee. Thanks for the props!

Seamus said...

You bet Bro. My pleasure.

Michael Hawkins said...

Crazy -- I didn't even know you had a second blog, RD! Shows you how out-of-the-blog-loop I've been.

Thanks for the props. You've been the best friend I've met out in Blogtopia, and I mean that.

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