Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Sorrow Brought Sunshine Today...

I got up in my usual grumpy mood... and then the coffee... That always makes me feel better. Went out to the garden to sow a few plants in the dappled morning sun...

Came back in to check the PC, and lo and behold - one of my favorite bloggers is shutting down his site today. Mockingbird's Medley is ending it's sweet song after 4 years of highly intelligent and acutely relevant political musing - which is a sad note to this rainbow soldier... Jim's always been a friend when I was down, and I suppose we'll still debate even after this; but losing a fellow site is always a sad story. I know nothing lasts forever and all that, but... still.

I went out to my mailbox, and there it was. A little square package of Sunshine from Virginia... I opened the parcel with glee. inside was this small note:

Jimi my friend
I had a little bird tell me you needed some joy today, so I am sending along a care package.
Full of care..
some food for the body, I can never get enough ginger...
some tea for the spirit and some tunes for the soul.
The pottery is experiments, learning curves I don't feel are there yet, but still have my heart in them, so I can't sell them, but I can give them with love...
to you...
Be peace my friend
and know even the smallest act of kindness spirals outward into the world.
I have been blessed by the rainbow of your life
blessings in abundance
Sister Sorrow

...After I dried the tears, the first thing I did was open the ginger ~lips smacking~ and have some - thinking of my Sister, and what an awesome person she is - and how blessed I am to have found someone like her out here in this ridiculously hard-assed world.

The tea is awesome. I love "Sorrow's Red Mix"... I wish I knew how to read tea leaves - but all I know is that they were dancing the happy dance to the CD she made me. Awesome music, and I'll play a few this Friday on the air.

The mug and candle are on the shelf right now, until later this afternoon when I will put them to good use with another mug o'Sorrow's Red Mix and a blessing.

You've given this old curmudgeonly hippy a real reason for joy. I can't express the way I feel in words. Rekindling faith in human kindness is an invaluable solemnity. Thank you is never enough. I was before, but I really am a believer in Karma now.

Peace Love & Light,
Jimi The Hippie


sorrow11 said...

HUGS to you my beloved Brother!
I am so glad that it brought you Joy and Sunshine!
The post title is a riot read out of context..."Sorrow brought sunshine!"
That should confuse a few eh?
Your presence in the world is a blessing to me, and you need to know !
Be good to you!

sorrow11 said...

...and FYI
after i read the previous post i worried that they might confiscate your box because of the homemade Tea..
The USPS police can be ignorant ...

ॐ Jimi The Hippie ॐ said...

Man Sis... You are the bomb!

I swear, right when I was down, you were there... bless, bless, bless your golden heart. I didn't realize about the post title until after I published...LOL. I like it even more now that it brought you a smile.

Did you click over to cul's site? He's awesome. I love him.

I just wanted to bring a smile to his face, and you returned it to mine. Awesome how that works...

You are the BEST!

Ur-spo said...

that was lovely
and so little 'good' comes in the post these days, making it all the more lovely.

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