Thursday, May 01, 2008

Joyous Bealtaine

May day! Delightful day!
Bright colours play the vale along.
Now wakes at morning's slender ray
Wild and gay the blackbird's song.

Now comes the bird of dusty hue,
The loud cuckoo, the summer-lover;
Branchy trees are thick with leaves;
The bitter, evil time is over…

Loaded bees with puny power
Goodly flower-harvest win;
Cattle roam with muddy flanks;
Busy ants go out and in.

Through the wild harp of the wood
Making music roars the gale --
Now it settles without motion,
On the ocean sleeps the sail.

Men grow mighty in the May,
Proud and gay the maidens grow;
Fair is every wooded heights;
Fair and bright the plain below…

Loudly carols the lark on high,
Small and shy his tireless lay,
Singing in wildest, merriest mood,
Delicate-hued, delightful May.
Irish 9th century


aztek206 said...

Happy Beltane, brother, to you and yours!

Seamus said...

Thanks Bro... and also to you. Plant something extra fine today.

Peace Love & Light

Ur-spo said...

i forgot it was Beltaine
It is easy to forget these things here in Phoenix as there is no sense of seasons and life passing that way
if Beltains is the beginning of summer, well, we got that down pact here!

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