Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Lilacs and Loving Memories

They bloom for about 2 - 3 weeks every year. In that time, their scent permeates the air with a delicious aroma.

They do bring with their beauty, a barrage of memories - my Grandmother's favorite flower, and also a security of sorts - hiding in the bushes from the bullies of youth - a memory shared with a Kindred Spirit.

When I was a youngster, we had a huge lilac bush in our yard - next to the Catholic Church on my block, so I was always in charge of bringing the flowers for Mary "Queen of May". I did so with glee... I loved their magic scent which only came at a certain time of the year. I'd bring in bunches of them and Stella D'Oro would cut them to size and put them in vases in the church. These are probably my only favorable memories of the Catholic Church, besides the Nun I'd had as a teacher in first & second grade - who'd gotten a bit too friendly with my Mother and was inevitably sent away... They'd gotten too close at a Birchwood Acres Clambake, and decided to kick up their heels to a gitterbug - and I suppose they had "too much fun". Predictably, the Bishop heard about it - no doubt from the local "Gladys Kravitz" - and they decided to send Sister Benilda away from the parish. "The Children's Hour" was hot off the Hollywood film express then, and I guess spurious rumors will always fly off the cuff in a small community...

My friend has some similar memories about hiding in lilac bushes as a child, and I sent some flowers to him in the mail. Unfortunately, the post office had other thoughts about what was inside the box...

Oh well. At least he got to smell the magic.

Sufi Thoughts:
"Live from your heart, you will be absolutely effective."


Ur-spo said...

lilacs remind me of May time; and herald the arrival of gardens. I like lilac bushes.

Seamus said...

I love them and I've hidden in them too... LOL.

Thanks for stopping by my friend.

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