Monday, December 31, 2007

New Year Drawing 1977

30 Years of wasted time???
or just life happening at super warp speed...

This drawing was done after midnight at the beginning of a new year 31 years ago. "Rediscovered" again after looking through the box of attic things from my Grandmother's house... there are many more, but we have to start somewhere - looking for the hidden imagery in everyday life...

"Imaginary Lovers" (1977)

I was trying to make a new start after a life of unfortunate decisions, and had moved back to Connecticut for another short time... Gypsy that I was, sex & spirituality was an open book. (much like now)

These times were full of Sex Drugs and Rock & Roll Soul for me...

I've never attempted the painting, but I think it's time may have just arrived.

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