Monday, August 18, 2008

Pride GLV 2008: a personal note

I had the best time at Pride yesterday. I went with Butch & Woofer (of course).

Woofer fucking rocks. He wanted to make sure I was having a great time - so he kept trying to introduce me to people. I do fine on my own, usually... but he went out of his way to make sure I was "covered". I appreciate that so much. He's turned out to be an awesome friend.

We did have a run-in with the local religious kooks when we were leaving the actual Pride celebration, but Woofer handled that situation with grace and style. When the evangelical asshole told me I was going to burn in hell, I told him that I would see him there. He didn't cotton to that remark very well. The "silent witnesses" came to our rescue and escorted us out - shielding us from the religious idiots that were trying to prey on people leaving the Pride celebration.

Later, at the bar:
One of the people Woofer introduced me to was a young (27 year old) microbiologist. I actually told the kid that I had a Son older than him - but that seemed to make him more excited... This kid was pierced & gorgeous. He was falling all over me for some reason. (I guess he thought I was cool) He and his boyfriend were on the outs for about 3 months, and I had to reassure him that I thought he was beautiful. That was no problem at all, because he was. He kept rubbing all over me, and at this point - I was ready for action.

Of course, nothing really happened - but it felt so good to be wanted for a while. Finally his boyfriend Eddie came over, and I made it clear to Eddie that he should be grateful for what he had in - oh, let's call him Spanky.

Spanky just had a glow about him that was so refreshing to an old fart like me... so full of enthusiasm that it was bursting out all over. Finally, after about an hour of conversation that spanned the entire spectrum of modern gay history, they left together hand in hand and Spanky looked back at me and gave me a wink and a smile that made me feel like I had a purpose. It was a great feeling.

Woofer kidnapped me for a few dances throughout the evening - and we had a great time. He's a really good dancer, and I kept up with him just doing the "gay boogie"... I used to be famous for that back in the early 80s at Partner's Cafe when I'd spend practically the whole evening out on the dance floor. (I only lived a block away, on Edgewood Avenue... Right across the street from Yale University)

Those were the days. But these days are good now also...

Gotta go now - my Son just brought me over some shrimp scampi and linguini with a garden fresh salad for supper. MMM it's delicious....
It's so much better to be alive than dead.

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