Saturday, August 02, 2008

Where's The Answer?

We still have this part to play
It seems like nothing's new,
But things are fresh in next day's dawn
All's different in morning dew.

Dark in the Light - logically mad
With chaotic order and success
Putting one foot forward then another
Never knowing Time arrives

'Til aproach upon the whim of it.
Often on again - then a pause
To smell a rose or graveyard must
Opting out, the choice not ours.

So hold them dear - until it's clear
No longer near - we feel the fear
Of onliness and loneliness
They are no longer here.


Ur-spo said...

this one spoke of mystery and paradox; two of my favorite matters. I don't know if these are the true 'gist' of the poem but I enjoyed it nevertheless.

Seamus said...

Indeed, Bro... Paradox and the Mystery of Life.


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