Saturday, August 02, 2008

There Is Nothing Like A Gov't Mule Concert brighten your spirit. My latest take-off on the famous Grateful Dead slogan. ;o)

Penn's Peak is an awesome venue, if you ever get the chance to attend an event there - don't miss it! Especially if the band involved is Gov't Mule.

Yesterday, as it turned out was Jerry Garcia's Birthday - and I could think of no better way than to go out and celebrate his life at an awesome concert. Of course I hadn't planned this. I was the proud recipient of a "miracle ticket" and then had the privilege of meeting the band backstage after the concert - Thanks to A.J., Jay and Rich. I don't think that anyone can truly understand what all this has done for me. I actually feel like a real human being again.

As I was writing the playlist from yesterday's show, I got a call about going to the concert that evening. (it was sold out - and I had no ticket). Jay and A.J. took care of all that for me - and even provided me with a means of transportation to and from the venue. I love these guys... It seems I do have a few friends left after all... They look out for me and genuinely care about my well-being. Friends like these guys are a precious commodity.

I cried like a baby when "The Mule" played a few Garcia classics last night:
"Deal > Terrapin > Loser"
...and with their version of "Dear Prudence" (The Beatles)
which was also a staple of the Jerry Garcia Band - the deal was sealed.

The parking lot scene was a bit like a mini-Grateful Dead Concert, and brought all these old memories flooding back from days gone by - and it made me realize just how much I actually loved this type of scene. I felt like I was home again after too long of an absence.

Warren, Matt, Danny and Andy...
Thanks for the best time.
Rock On Forever.


Pax Romano said...

Now that sounds like fun ... it's been ages since I've been to anything like this (Dancing Bear and Jefferson Starship TNG at Wiggens Park, Camden NJ Summer of 1996)... ah the smell of musk and sweet weed hanging heavy in the air...

ॐ Jimi The Hippie ॐ said...

Yes, PaxR... It was all of that and then some. Penn's Peak is not a huge place - it's kinda like a ski lodge at the top of a mountain. Very cool.

The parking lot was jamming with Hippy types - old (like me) and young. I never knew how much I needed this until it was happening.


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