Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Hairy Christmas

...All in all, a truly strange holiday for me.
Fighting interspersed with comedy, tender moments and passion - what a strange rollercoaster of a holiday.

  • Christmas Eve

    Fighting with me all the way to the party (about an hour's ride), my guy made it plain that there were to be no Christmas Goodies for me this year. Horny as I was, I sobbed silently and bucked up, accepting the fact that it would be a sexless holiday season for me... all I did was think about You, Fucker. I wish I was with YOU NOW...

    I guess I was a naughty boy this year Santa, but I tried to be good... That's probably why I didn't get anything for Christmas, why... I even had to buy my own damned coal.

    On to the Christmas Eve party - where one of the hosts asked me to help him hook up his DVD player (he actually wanted me to hook up something else for him, but me... being the proverbial nice guy: I really thought that he wanted to watch his new movies) it turned into a bit of a half naked wrestling match between us in his bedroom - our partners downstairs with not a clue... I guess he made it plain that he wanted me secretly.

    Every time he brushed past me his hands were on some part of me feeling me up - the other party patrons seemingly unaware - and when he was across the room, that seductive look and leering eyes on me - winking.

    He got close and whispered, "Damn you smell good." I laughed. I thought he was just flirting. I should have known.

    I leaned over to take a look at the wiring for the DVD player and TV when he threw me down on his bed before I knew what was happening, and had me pantless like a pro. (I wear tight 501 jeans, and if you know how to do them right, well let's just say that there is hardly a wait to be totally in the buff.) He told me he hadn't had sex with his partner in 3 years as he ravaged me ravenously. I still have the marks.

    I tried to protest, but it was just so damned unexpected - It's hard to move with your pants tight around your ankles - between the sucking and licking, I finally regained my composure before anything really serious happened and after I talked some sense into him.

    We rejoined the party, me a bit flushed, none the worse for wear and no one else the wiser... but he - still with that lecherous look. A bit scary, but all in all kind of flattering, given the circumstances.

    It should be interesting this weekend for the New Year's Eve party, anyway... (it's at the same place) I'll be on guard. (and wearing a belt this time)

  • Christmas Day

    Went to see my Step-Mom in the morning, and my Brother & his Family were there. It was good. Butch & I had coffee, exchanged presents and then we excused ourselves to go to the hospital to visit his Mom.

    Being low on funds this year, I offered to do her nails and give her a facial. I remember my Mom used to love that when she was in hospital, so I offered. I forgot to bring cotton balls with me, so I asked one of the nurses for some gauze. She was totally supportive of the idea, and so enthusiastic that she had gathered a gaggle of her co-workers to watch the fuzzy bearded Hippy give the Mother-In-Law a much needed Christmas nail treatment. Much laughter ensued. We never got to the facial, so I promised to do that the next visit. She's in for surgery tomorrow, which hopefully will go without unforeseen incident, and I'll go ahead and do the facial this weekend. That should be a hoot!...

    When we got home, I made some hot chocolate, tended the fire, took the dog for a walk and then settled back in the chair to watch The Pirates. Then, later last evening I was kidnapped... and made to walk the plank.

    I hope everyone's Holidays are bright.
    Happy Kwanzaa.
    Happy Boxing Day.


    sorrow11 said...

    Yeah you needed the Mistletoe, NOT. LOL
    Happy K to you too!

    Aloysius said...

    You are so right Sis.
    I must be naïve or something... LOL

    I do miss Fucker really bad though.

    TigerYogiji said...

    "Then, later last evening I was kidnapped... and made to walk the plank."

    I hope this means that you DID get some "Christmas Goodies"!

    Happy New Year! :)

    Aloysius said...

    Almost... I dug the kidnapping. It was "walking the plank" that did me in. LOL.

    Happy New Year to You & Yours.

    Ur-spo said...

    dear me
    i hope that next year and next year's christmas is better for you!

    Aloysius said...

    Thank you Ur-Spo and thanks for stopping by. Hope you all have a wonderful New Year...


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