Sunday, December 09, 2007

Once In My Dream

Long ago and Worlds apart
we met by Chance with Aching Hearts
each Cursed by Love alone to Dwell
and Thought-Crossed Minds to end the Spell.

But then alas - not meant to be?
for I was Pledged alone to He.
that Moment spent became the Past
in Mem'ry's File was hapless Cast.

I cannot help to visit There
deep inside that Mem'ry's Lair
because to Me it can't compare
this Endless Hell - because I Care.

Secluded Dealings on the side
would cause for Me my Love to hide
and in the midst my Heart would Break
because with You the Earth did Quake.

I thought perhaps a Love to Heal
I cannot help the way I Feel
but then perhaps t'was not to be
for I shall not from this be Free.

Then in my Dream You came to Me
not all for naught - but Helped Me see
that Love Returned from You could be
the simple Fact: Love's Karma Key.


sorrow11 said...

Wow, You have many talents, this is beautifully written! You are a poet as well as an orator of truth!

Aloysius said...

Thank you Sis
It usually hurts a lot when I write.
I always call it "typing through tears".


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