Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Andy: My Version...

Andy was a Big Burly Biker.
Someone you'd never want to Fuck with - let alone meet alone in a dark alley...

He was also one of my best friends. I loved him. When he was in the bar, I knew nobody would give me any shit - because Andy always took care of it. He seemed very gruff to most all people, but with me he was a Teddy Bear. He'd always come to me for doctoring after the brawl. I think I may have saved him from stitches more than once.

I took the time to understand him. (he had a Polish-Gypsy accent) He was never very complicated, but I always listened to his story. I don't think he had anyone else - a Loner - kind of like me.

Why he chose me, I'll never know - but I was glad he did. He 'kidnapped' me (his words) one time after I'd had a horrible night tending bar at the strip joint, and we rode away on his Harley. We spent 3 days away on the road and in the mountains. I was in heaven - and Andy was very HOT in the lone sleeping bag we had to share. (I guess I have a thing for sleeping bags and rough tuff guys...) But, I will always remember his tenderness, because he was such a brute of a macho man to everyone else.

With me he was totally different. He let himself go. I guess he was, with me - what he thought he could never let the world know, outside us.

We would each have a hand tattooed and be branded on the chest with the Ankh, as a way of remembering our closeness. (besides being blood-brothers) It just fucking pisses me off when I lose people like this... I know I was cursed by Drew (he was a warlock), but he could never steal what Andy and I shared.

Drew had given me a cursed Seal of Solomon, and I made the mistake of trusting him and wearing it for a time. I think I still have some traces of bad karma lingering from this even today. You see, the lady Drew was interested in, was interested in me... and he pretended to be a friend. When we were alone one night she begged me not to let him take her. She was so afraid of Drew she was shaking as she talked between the tears. I was already wearing the seal when I found all this out... Too late.

Much too soon afterwards, Andy was killed in a tragic motorcycle accident (1978). He wasn't supposed to die just yet. (I'm sure some of you know what I mean...) The circumstances were very sketchy. Coincidence? I think not. The story continues beyond even this, but I won't relate it here.

I still miss Andy's rugged ways and the protection and love he harboured for me... He was my champion.

Here's to you, My Brother.
How I'm still here is anybody's guess...
I suppose I have the stories to tell.

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