Thursday, January 17, 2008

Confessions Of A Bass Player

Kevin was gorgeous. A redhead like me, he was tall and lean - a bearded mountain hiking outdoorsman who was a pisser on the drum set. I, being the bass player (another band) naturally grew very close to him. We met at a jam session, and ended up talking the night away, just the two of us. He told me many of his deepest darkest secrets...

As time moved on we became closer and closer. He used to intentionally tease me by standing so very close to me that I could often feel his body heat after a drum workout... I never complained. I touched him once, when he was so close to me I could smell his manly muskiness. It was an instant hard-on for both of us. He used to wear knee-high moccasins with his skin-tight jeans tucked inside. So very sexy... and "pressed meat". (LOL)

I pretended not to notice how big that cock was (about 2 inches from my face, and monstrous in those tight jeans - throbbing) and kept plucking away at my bass notes. He grabbed me by the back of my head and buried my face in his glorious crotch and said, "You know you want me. Well, I have news for you... I want you too." Thank god the rest of the band wasn't there - or our girlfriends for that matter - at the time. We were rehearsing a new song progression that I was working out the timing to. Kevin wanted a bit more of a workout...

Anyway, the above image was a design request of his for a tattoo. I tried to give the horse's face a likeness of him, and the moon was his girlfriend at the time. It was easy to do. He reminded me of a horse, so big and graceful. He was beautiful. I added wings and the 'uni-horn' to remind me he was a devilish red headed angel with a temperament to match...

Needless to say, he never got the tattoo - and split up with the girlfriend about a week after our first 'encounter'. We'd done a few mountain treks on the trails together around here (Bake Oven Knob was appropriately named) - and every time it was passionate and rough when we were alone. (just how I've learned to love it.)

He always wanted to have sex with my girlfriend and me (any excuse), and he did weasel his way into bed with us a few times - always making sure he took care of me; but I had to be careful to try not to be alone with him - he was so intense.

He did catch me alone a few more times before the band split up, and just before I moved back to CT. Damn he was so fucking HOT.


A Bear in the Woods said...

That's the kind of guy I love to go for. Big straight and kind of rough...But artistic. I love that musky man smell.

Seamus Aloysius said...

Damn Del,

Thanks for stopping by.

It's great to see you up and running again, Bro.

I think he spoiled me for life...
Woof! ruff ruff... GGggggRRrrr.


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