Monday, January 07, 2008

Exploring New Realms


I'm practically dying to find out more about the KRINK products, but it seems that there is no one I can find to discuss them with me... I've tried calling stores here on the East Coast to no avail. Art Stores have no clue. I just get a resounding "Huh???" on the fucking telephone. I suppose graffiti art is still not accepted into the 'sacred art circle'...

Truthfully though, one guy from Dick Blick that I talked with on the phone was so interested we ended up talking for about 20 minutes... He actually went online to look up the product for me. Maybe I've hit on something.

I think graffiti is even more relevant today than it was in the early days when I was a bit of a train car / subway / new & old construction scribbler. I'd spray paint my icons under cover of the night, sometimes involving a ritual or two before & after. What a Fucking little Vandal I was...

Found this place in NYC near the Village, and I suppose I'll have to go up there to actually see the product and find out if 'my vision' of what can be done with it will fit into my plans for the canvasses I'm contemplating. Oh well... a trip to New York seems to be in order for me. Maybe I'll hit the Museums and visit Fucker while I'm up there. Crosstown to Brooklyn.... not too far. I'd love to sit in on an episode of Conan O'Brien, but I wouldn't ever contemplate crossing a Writer's Picket Line to satisfy my own curiosities.

It's been quite a few years since I made the NYC scene. I suppose much change has happened since 9-11-01. Haven't actually walked the streets in the Village since the mid-eighties, (Gay Pride Parade 1985) and I suppose it's about time.

I actually lived in the Village in 1967 with some friends for 3 months - when the Twin Towers were still in the construction stages, it sure would be a hoot to go back and visit the old homestead - now that I'm over all that old major shit that happened to me back in the day... It was pretty devastating at the time. It's surprising that I'm still here to talk about it. You know what they say:
"Whatever doesn't Kill You..."

I'm ready after 40 years ...and to think it's all because of a new medium that I'd love to explore. This actually blows my fucking mind.
Creative Sparks Akimbo... awaiting my next move.

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