Friday, January 18, 2008


An art project for class Studio 101.
I was lucky to have a teacher like Olaf Zeidenberg, from Germany's Bauhaus - and originally from Estonia Lithuania. (We used to kid him about jumping over the Berlin Wall and taking a bullet in the ass on the way)...

And so, we were given the assignment to do a self portrait in any medium.

Of course, I couldn't decide, so I did a mixed media drawing on canvas complete with pencil (graphite, colored & grease), conté crayon, and india ink. A strange combination I thought, but then again it was 1972, and I was only 17... what the hell did I know? (I also did a matching portrait of Alfonso, but I gave that to him years ago)

The drawings of Fons & I were stylized in an Egyptian fashion, but on canvas instead of papyrus. I had a huge red afro then, and Alfons used to kid me and call it an Iro (because I'm mostly Irish). Other nicknames ensued, such as Brillo & Beatnik. (and a few others I won't mention)...

The birth of a new Dharma Bum...

Another poem...
I had written this one after I had learned of Fonso's Death. Writing through tears throughout my life was to become the bastion that protected my soul.


Topsy-turvy, whirling dervish:
LIFE comes crashing down,
In amidst our little worlds...
While REALITY, the Clown; goes
Dancing wildly through the crowd
Touching each and every heart
With grimacing appeal and fear
Our SPIRITS shrink and grow.
Of self-collective mind.

Secret sleeps inside our time...
Wakens instant insane & claims
His everlasting PRIZE.


Anonymous said...

i wish i had the talent to express myself as you do, either in drawing or in poetry - i love both.
Urspo at spo-reflections

Seamus Aloysius said...

You possess another great quality, Urs... The one to be able to see people for who they are without judging them. You know and understand so much about what makes us all tick.

I love reading your blog.
Thank you for your kind words, and thanks for being out here.


shermeeks said...

I am a 1970 graduate of SCSC (it was a college, not university back then) Olaf Zeidenberg was my Design 101 instructor and i will never forget his critiques. He would go around the room lifting projects up and declaring "what to do" until he came to a project he thought less of and would declare "what NOT to do".
What ever became of Olaf Zeidenberg?
do you know???
Did you take any painting classes from Dr. Orsini? Ceramics from David Crespi? I have been trying to find Dr. Crespi......
Thanks for any info you may have.
Sherry Meyers Meeks

Anonymous said...

Olaf Zeidenberg passed away, as did Peter Pelletier. Dr. Orsini is still in the area. They were all great!

Bridget Moran said...

I was a 1977 graduate of Southern CT State College, an Art Education major. Dr. David Crespi passed away suddenly in 1978 or 79, I believe. It was a shock. My major concentrations were in Ceramics, Drawing and Painting. The teachers who stood out for me were Doc (Crespi), George Harrington, Bernard Zawissa, Olafs Zeidenberg and Michael Scope. All of these men have passed on except for Michael Scope, who I believe is still conducting his school in Kentucky. Those 4 years at Southern were some of the best years of my life, thanks to these men. If you'd like to know more, my name is Bridget Moran ( married surname O'Doy). email:

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